Colani's first and only!!! design sketch for the Street-Ray. Top: The sketch of the vehicle's measurements which served Colani as a basis for his design.

How it all began
One day in September 2004, Martin Preuss, owner of a well-established, medium-sized engineering company in Plankstadt, a small town close to Heidelberg, is visiting the exhibition hall of German Star Designer Luigi Colani in Karlsruhe.By chance, Preuss, who has occupied himself with the construction of exceptional vehicles for many years, gets into a conversation with Colani, during which he tells him about his plans to build a new 3-wheeler. At this time, neither Colani nor Preuss realize, that this conversation will result in one of today's most exciting automobiles!

So it comes as quite a surprise, when the very next day Preuss gets a call by Colani, who asks him about the measurements of his planned vehicle.He sends him a rough sketch and as early as the next morning receives a fax with the final design for the Street-Ray. Preuss is convinced on the spot and spontaneously agrees with what Colani wrote on the fax: "your vehicle must look this way and no other!"

The chassis at an early stageFirst test ride with the nearly completed chassis"Mockup", around which the body was
Colani, forming the Street-Ray's body

Concurrently with the developing of the chassis in Plankstadt, Colani starts working on the model of the Street-Ray's body. Around a mockup ( a model of the chassis especially built for this purpose) in countless hours of manual labour and made of plaster and polystyrene the prime model of the body comes into being.

This model becomes coated with artificial resin and finally gets fitted onto the chassis, which has been constructed in Plankstadt by Martin Preuss and his friend Ralf Seitz, an automotive technician. At last, the prime model of the Street-Ray can make its first journey on the road!

By now you can see that something very
special is in the making
The chassis is being coated with artificial resinWhat a sight! The freshly painted Street-Ray

But still, Preuss and his team have to work on any number of technical details until eventually in April 2006, the first prototype of the Street-Ray is completed.
One major technical problem is to place the lights of the Street-Ray according to the german technical specifications, but in the end this problem (like all others) is adequately solved. Here it pays off that from the very start, experts of the German Technical Inspection Authority have accompanied the development of the Street-Ray to avoid difficulties with its road certification.